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You know the feelings: stiffness, muscle spasms, debilitating pain!  But why do backs go bad-and often grow worse-even under medical care?  And how can you be free of back pain forever?

How Equi-Load can easily cure you:
This revolutionary, self-cure book will not only teach you how to heal your own Bad Back and Neck forever, but will also demonstrate exactly how and why these go bad in the first place, often elaborating into a chronic condition requiring surgery.  After reading this book you will know exactly how to cure your own condition, and keep it cured for the rest of your life!
Equi-load is:
• A self-cure program for your aching back
• Completely safe and easy to use for any age
• Requires no exercise, special diet, or apparatus
• Can be used anywhere, anytime
• Requires no extra time to perform
• Do this by yourself, for yourself!

My Own Case of Bad Back
In the book, I chronicle my own struggle with unbearable and debilitating back pain.  My condition was so bad, that for a period, I couldn't stand fully upright and was forced to walk bent over with the assistance of a cane.  Though I was young and in the prime of my life, I seemed like an old man, afflicted by this painful condition. 

Surgery the only option?
Of course, I saw every specialist available.  I began the process with doctors, who carefully examined me and took both X-rays and MRI's of my spine.  After it became all too obvious that medical doctors weren’t going to be able to resolve the problem, I then tried other experts:  I tried chiropractors, yoga, meditation, and was even taught special exercises by a personal trainer.  All of these failed.  I was recommended and scheduled for surgery twice, but each time I cancelled because I was too afraid to have my spine operated on.  My friends thought I was crazy to turn down the surgery and, because I kept postponing it, my surgeon was no longer willing to see me.  All agreed my condition could only worsen and, in all probability, would ultimately leave me bedridden.

Heal thyself…
None of these experts provided me any relief, and none of them could tell me why my back had gone bad in the first place.  They also couldn’t explain to me why the condition had steadily grown worse, even while under their direct care.  Then it finally dawned on me that these experts simply didn’t know the answer to that question; they didn’t have a clue.  Their only interest was in the ongoing and expensive treatment of my bad back, not the cause.  At that point, I took it upon myself to begin observing my every movement and the certain, excruciating pain that would surely result. Over time, and with careful observation, I discovered a specific muscle-contraction pattern which I was able to fashion into a true healing phenomenon.  As I continued working with this new technique, my condition continually improved to the point that I was completely without pain for the first time in years!  All kinds of possibilities suddenly sprang up, and I was flooded with dreams of a happy and active future.

A Miraculous Discovery!
This process became the foundation of a theory which I would later name “Equi-Load.”  And just like a real scientist might have done, I formulated and tested Equi-Load in a very serious, structured manner.  I experimented and played around with my new technique while applying it to my own condition.  With each passing day my back felt better and better.  After three days, I was able to get along without my cane.  After about a week, I could sleep through the night pain free.  And this amazing improvement continued daily until, in less than three weeks, I woke up one morning having absolutely no pain whatsoever!  I couldn't believe it: I was completely and totally healed, and my Equi-Load technique was born. 

When a Fluke becomes a self-cure
My friends were amazed.  They couldn't believe I had made such a complete recovery.  Not only could I now stand perfectly upright, but could actually do things I hadn't been able to do in years, such as ride a bicycle and even roller blade.  When I described to people what I had done, however, they laughed.  No one seemed to actually believe that my simple technique had been responsible for this miraculous turn of events; they all thought it was just a fluke.  However, one person who did take me seriously was a cabdriver I knew whose back was almost as bad as mine had been.  I described to him what I had done, and thought nothing of it until I received a frenzied call from him two weeks later.  He had followed my instructions to the letter and he too had experienced the exact same healing progression, and was now completely pain free.  I realized that my new technique was obviously a repeatable phenomenon and could be incorporated as a general cure for anyone.  He described it as a “miracle” and demanded that I immediately write a book explaining the concept. 

Write a book already!
That was over 30 years ago.  And as you can guess, I didn't write the book at that time.  But during the thirty or so years since I discovered Equi-Load, I've not only been completely pain free, but I've been able to refine and perfect my theory.  Over the years, I’ve talked to an amazing number of bad back suffers.  Typically, when I would describe the technique to someone suffering from back pain, they would invariably become skeptical and ask the same question: “what's your background?”  When I would tell them that I had no background whatsoever, they typically would dismissed me (even though, by that point, several supposed “experts” with plenty of credentials had been unable to help them).  However, for those many lucky ones whose curiosity was aroused by my promise of a definitive cure for their misery, the future was bright.  Their feedback has always been uniformly positive, and affirms that Equi-Load really does work as described. During those 30 years before actually sitting down to write the book, I was able to help literally hundreds, and probably more accurately, thousands of people by teaching them my Equi-Load self-cure technique. 

Finally… Cure Your Bad Back Forever!
So I did finally end up writing that book and even though it might seem audacious to call it a “miracle cure,” that is exactly how it has been described to me countless times by those who have used this safe, simple, self-cure technique of Equi-load.  If you’ve suffered with back or neck pain, you understand how much it affects your life.  But there is now hope.  You can cure your own bad back or neck, and you can do it quickly and easily using the techniques described for the first time in my book, Cure Your Bad Back Forever!  For the small cost of a book (not spinal surgery, or even a single chiropractic adjustment), you can finally experience a life without back pain.  What have you got to lose?

James R. Brennan
Author, Cure Your Bad Back Forever!

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How BIG is the BAD BACK problem?

• A prominent 2008 study revealed that the U.S. spends over $85 billion a year on back and neck pain (equal to cancer)

• Back pain will affect 80% of Americans at some point in their lifetime

• Failure rate for back surgeries is as high as 50% in some studies (and spinal fusion surgery cost approximately $60,000)

• According to the World Health Organization (WHO), low back pain is the leading cause of disability in the world

• Despite all the money being spent, and all the industries and products created to “treat” the problem of back pain, not only is there no cure; medically, there is not even a definitive understanding for what causes it!